Roofing Services

At Tag Roofing, we are committed to providing professionalism and experience with any roofing needs throughout San Diego County. Licensed and insured, our company has 34 years of experience in commercial and residential projects consisting of new roofs, reroofing, roof repairs, and roof replacement. The Tag team has helped hundreds of homeowners along with owners of commercial properties maintain their roof and increased their value. Our goal is to continuously use the best roofing products available to deliver premium service with the highest expertise and precision.

In Southern California, there is an extensive interest in property value therefore we only aim to help with damage control and find eco-friendly solutions. We offer many products and have highly experienced install specialists ready to help you modify your property today.

Our company offers some of the best roofing services and warranties in San Diego, because we care about quality of our work. We will make sure your home or business is protected and always make sure you are covered.

Residential Roofs

Your roof protects your home, loved ones and all your personal belongings. As the number one San Diego roofing contractor we take pride in making sure you feel safe knowing you can trust our experts to use their roofing experience and get the job done right. From new roof construction to roofing maintenance we help take care of all your roofing needs. Your San Diego residence is in good hands getting roof replacements, roof leak repairs or even a new roof with all of us here at Tag Roofing.

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Commercial Roofs

Our team works with all kinds of roofing systems, from tile, to slate, to asphalt roofing, and sealed membranes for all flat roofs. We can repair wood, shake roofs and large commercial roof systems. Our specialty in TPO and highly concentrated materials has us beat any other company with quality work. Every job is completed and every customer the installation they requested.

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Let TAG Roofing and Solar help guide you in creating a home solar system designed for your individual needs. Whether you want a system that decreases your electric bill a little, or you want to be completely energy independent (off grid) we can customize the perfect system for you. With special financing options that allows 100% of the costs, and no money out of pocket, this is the perfect time to go solar. Combine this with the federal government’s 30% tax credit of the total cost, doesn’t make sense to make the switch to solar? Energy rates are going up, and there is no sign that this pace will not continue. Talk to one of our energy independent consultants to schedule a free at home evaluation today.

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