Who We Are

Our whole team here at Tag Roofing look forward to helping all residential and commercial property owners along with other great contractors to assist in installing the best quality roofs in Southern California. We have worked on hundreds of projects providing top quality products and service.

Karl Godenschwager

I have lived a full life meeting many people, learning more skills along the way and enjoy bringing dogs on road trips. Traveling has been one of my favorite hobbies in addition to golfing, off-roading and tennis. Owning a business has taught me the importance of paying attention to the customer's needs, being honest, humble and always offering great customer service. I have 45 years of roofing experience and have always tried to guide my team to focus on fair pricing, quality service and to be a step above the rest.

Anthony Torres
(Project Director)

Some say I am a total foodie. I also enjoy photography and have played the drums since I was a teenager. I am a proud father with aspiring kids and always seeking to guide them along a successful path. I began my career with the ROP program then expanded into commercial and industrial roofing. With a total of 42 years experience, I learned consistency, productivity, and accountability. Every project is different however our expertise and knowledge remains the same providing quality customer service where we always get the job done. I am always driven to help others get the best version of the work we provide.


34 Years of Experience

At Tag Roofing we are committed to providing professionalism and experience with any roofing or solar needs throughout San Diego County. Licensed and insured, our company is highly experienced in commercial and residential projects consisting of new roofs, reroofing, roof repairs, and roof replacement.

We've got you covered

Our company offers some of the best roofing services and warranties in San Diego, because we care about the quality of our work. We will make sure your home or business is protected and always make sure you are covered.

We are Trustworthy

In Southern California, there is an extensive interest in property value therefore we only aim to help with damage control and find eco-friendly solutions. We offer many products and have highly experienced install specialists ready to help you modify your property today.

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