Wood Shake Roofing

There’s no denying the cosmetic appeal of a wood shake roof.  Unfortunately, wood shake ages and deteriorates under the hot sun and with seasonal changes and storms, and wood shake is a high fire risk.  To allow people to continue to enjoy the look of wood shake without the risks and short lifespan, some manufacturers have taken to treating the traditional cedar materials with fire retardants and chemicals to inhibit mold growth, etc.  In some locations, including California, such treatments are mandatory.  Be sure to check with a wood shake roofing professional in your area to confirm that the local code is not still more restrictive.

Another option that is also environmentally friendly and renewable would be the concrete-formed shingles that have the appearance of wood shake without the risks of actual wood.  Yet another is a hybrid shake, made of recycled wood products, made of plastics, and from wood pulps.  Indeed, there are choices these days for homeowners who want the beauty of wood shake without the inherent risk of wood.  Whether made of renewable wood or from formed concrete, a professional roofing contractor will be able to help and guide you to a beautiful new roof on your home!

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